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OEC (Oakville Enterprises Corporation)

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OEC (Oakville Enterprises Corporation) is a dynamic company with a portfolio of businesses that deliver energy and infrastructure services to residential and commercial customers in Ontario and throughout Canada.

OEC's group of companies offers diversified products and services aligned with four strategic lines of business:

OEC specializes in:

OEC is wholly owned by the Municipality of the Town of Oakville, and was formerly known as Oakville Hydro Corporation.

Electricity Distribution

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. (OHEDI) Oakville Hydro delivers reliable and safe electricity to more than 68,000 individuals, families and businesses in Oakville and manages an asset base of more than $230 million. The company maintains an active commitment to conservation, safety, and is strongly invested in the social and economic well-being of the Oakville community. Oakville Hydro received the 2015 Performance Excellence Award from the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA), recognizing the organization as an exceptional leader in the industry. In 2013, Oakville Hydro was recognized as "Large Company of the Year" by the Ontario Energy Association in service delivery and safety.

Infrastructure Services

El-Con Construction Inc. El-Con Construction provides underground utility construction services to commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers. The company meets client needs by offering a broad range of services, including excavating, directional drilling and civil construction projects.
PVS Contractors PVS Contractors is a leader in providing underground locate services to utilities, cable companies, municipalities and residential clients. PVS is also a leading installer of residential and commercial cable TV, Internet, Voice Over IP and digital antenna systems. PVS serves clients in the Niagara Peninsula and the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
G-Tel Engineering G-Tel Engineering is a trusted provider of utility network integrity services, including underground utility locates, gas pipeline leak detection, pipeline installation and maintenance. G-Tel is based in London, Ontario, and serves clients in Ontario and other provinces.
UTS Consultants Inc. UTS Consultants offers complete engineering solutions for municipalities, telecommunication and power utility network owners and operators. Individual services and optimized programs can be developed for specific clients and projects.
Huron Geomatics Inc. Huron Geomatics is an established leader in Vehicle Based Mapping, Stationary LiDAR Scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mapping in Canada. The company is based in Ontario with an established customer base, including a growing number of municipalities, hydro and telecom utilities across the province.
Planview Utility Services Limited Logo Planview Utility Services provides an integrated approach to managing utility infrastructure through three distinct services; Utility Engineering, GIS Services and Sub-Surface Utility Engineering and operates out of Markham, Ontario. Planview has extensive expertise in engineering, surveying, project management and coordination, GIS analysis, CAD and GIS technical design, data management and support.


SandPiper Energy Solutions Generation Sandpiper Generation is an active provider of green generation projects that offer environmental benefits as well as business advantages through long-term contracts with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). These include:
  • Sunny Shores Solar Generating Park: 14 MW
  • Region of Halton Landfill Gas Plant: 2 MW
  • Lake Kagawong Hydro Generating Station: 750 kW
  • Oakville Town Hall Rooftop Solar: 72 kW
  • Oakville Hydro Rooftop Solar: 10 kW
Contact us to learn more about customized energy generation solutions for your home or business, including:
  • Solar generation;
  • District energy systems; and
  • Community energy planning.
Sunny Shores LP Green Energy Solar Park
Sandpiper Geo-Exchange owns and operates geo-exchange assets. Geo-exchange systems offer energy savings to owners of multi-residential condominiums, commercial buildings and institutional buildings through energy storage from water / ground source heat pumps. Geo-exchange systems can also displace burning of natural gas on-site as well as equipment typically associated with large buildings such as cooling towers and exhaust stacks. Sandpiper Geo-Exchange has installed a flagship geo-exchange system at 861 Redwood Square in Oakville.

Energy Services

Oakville Hydro Energy Services
Oakville Hydro Energy Services brings together companies that build on technological innovations and sustainability initiatives in the energy field. This group of businesses is committed to helping customers benefit from advances in energy services. OHESI offers customers unique solutions including accredited meter calibration and verification services, water billing services and sub-metering.
Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems is a leader in the supply and installation of multi-dwelling smart metering systems. The company has unique expertise in carrying out individual suite metering and sub-metering projects for new and retrofit multi-dwelling projects.